Mulsifix Latex

Mulsifix Latex is a water based dispersion of SBR polymer which has been specially formulated to meet the requirements of the Building and
Construction Industry.

Incorporation of Mulsifix Latex into cementitious mixes improves the overall performance of the final product with respect to strength, adhesion and durability. In use the Latex is blended with cement and suitable aggregates so that a reinforcing polymer is deposited in the micro-voids normally found in cementitious products. By carefully varying the proportions of Latex, cement, sand and water, a whole range of useful bonding slurries, adhesives and mortars are produced. Mulsifix Latex has a successful site history in the repair of concrete and stonework, in floor toppings and brick and tile adhesive beds. Mulsifix Latex in fully cured cementitious mixes is non-toxic.

Download the data sheet and the MSDS below :

Data Sheet