Mulsibond Sealer

Mulsibond Sealer is a low viscosity, specially blended acrylic copolymer emulsion based product with exceptional penetrating properties. It has been used successfully for sealing hairline cracks in reinforced concrete, granolithic, mosaic and terrazzo floors and for consolidating hollow floor screeds. As it is water based, it can only be applied to dry surfaces otherwise it will not set. The water content in the product must either dry out through the surroundings or evaporate.

Once set Mulsibond Sealer has good chemical resistance, flexibility and bond strength. Its exceptional penetrating properties enable it to be poured into fine hair cracks with minimal assistance and it will penetrate deep into the structure. As the product sets it will seal the crack helping to prevent further ingress of moisture and being flexible can accommodate a small degree of movement of the structure. Provided the cracks are clean a good bond will be obtained to the surfaces. Mulsibond Sealer, when set, forms a rubbery mass, which has been constantly used for consolidating hollow floor screeds, often saving their complete removal. Sometimes it is possible to seal large cracks by repeated applications, but we have other products more ideally suited to this application and our representatives will be pleased to provide further information on the full range of products available.

Independent tests shown that Mulsibond Sealer would have no effect on the pot ability of water and can be used safely in the reservoir or other water retaining structures.

Download the data sheet and the MSDS below :

Data Sheet