Hardac Acrylic Sealer

Hardac Acrylic Sealer is a colorless low viscosity penetrating sealer for concrete, masonry and brickwork surfaces. It is based on a solution of pure acrylic resin in aromatic solvents. It will reduce the permeability of the substrate to water and salt solutions in mist of liquid forms. The acrylic resin has excellent external weathering and anti-abrasion properties and when properly applied will not significantly affect the appearance of the treated surface. The concept is to achieve an 'in-surface' seal with no material build up on the surface.

Hardac Acrylic Sealer is a suitable for application to both internal and external concrete, brickwork, masonry, cement plasters, renders and screeds. It is also an excellent sealer for exposed aggregate finishes, concrete floor screeds and porous toppings. When used as a floor sealer it will improve the chemical resistance of the concrete and the wear resistance therefore reducing the tendency of concrete floors to dusting.

For surfaces exposed to severe weather conditions, a combined treatment of one of two coats of Aquapel WR followed by one or two coats of Hardac Acrylic Sealer has proved to be an ideal treatment for brickwork, masonry and reinforced concrete surfaces in reducing water penetration ensuring that the rate of future deterioration is reduced.

Download the data sheet and the MSDS below :

Data Sheet