Epoxy Plus Structural Adhesive

Epoxy Plus Structural Adhesive is a two component epoxy resin based adhesive suitable for both dry and damp surfaces. It is an excellent easy-to-use adhesive for jointing precast elements including segmental bridge construction, steel plate bonding and other applications where exceptional adhesion is required.

Epoxy Plus Structural Adhesive will bond to concrete, steel, timber, glass, rubber glass fiber and carbon fiber. When fully cured, it will resist a wide range of chemicals and solvents.

Two grades are available for Specified Temperature Application Ranges (STAR).
Tropical Grade has been specially formulated for use in tropical climates and has in particular an extended pot life.

Standard : STAR 10 - 25 degrees Celsius.
Tropical : STAR 15 - 35 degrees Celsius.

Download the data sheet and the MSDS below :

Data Sheet
MSDS Unavailable. Please contact our office for further information.