Epoxy Injection Resin

Three grades of Epoxy Injection Resin are available to provide systems to cover most applications. The Low Viscosity (L.V.) epoxy resin is specially developed for the structural repair of fine cracks in concrete structures. It is designed to fill the finest cracks down to 0.2mm where both sides of the crack can be sealed prior to injection. It can be mixed by hand, stirring with a palette knife or similar until a uniform color is achieved. Alternatively it can be mixed using special metering and mixing injection resin machines.

The Thixotropic (T) grade is a moisture tolerant gel-like epoxy resin which will repel water from damp cracks and was developed for applications where it is not possible to seal the cracks completely or where wider cracks are involved. This grade is also suitable for consolidating inner and outer cavity walls and for grouting-in horizontal starter bars, bolts etc. The resin can be applied to cracks from 0.5mm to 5mm wide. Short cracks between 5mm and 10mm can also be filled with the thixotropic resin but for bulk filling of wider cracks, it is suggest that Epoxy Plus Thixotropic Anchor Grout (EPTAG) is used instead.

The wet crack (W.C.) grade is similar to the low viscosity system but is more suitable where the crack is wet. This grade is not for use where water leakage is under pressure. Consult for preferred system.

Download the data sheet and the MSDS below :

Data Sheet